Learn to create AI in Unity ML using Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Some of the agents you'll train during this course:

Unity ML Agents

This course is a series of articles where you'll learn to implement reinforcement learning agents on Unity.

You'll build a strong professional portfolio by implementing awesome agents with Tensorflow that learn to play video games!

This course is made by the Deep Reinforcement Learning Course Team

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Unity ML-Agents

📜 Course:

👨‍đŸ’ģ Train an agent that will learn to jump over walls.

Unity ML-Agents walljump

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Chapter 2: Curious Agents

📜 Course:

👨‍đŸ’ģ Train an agent that needs to press a button to spawn a pyramid, then navigate to the pyramid, knock it over, and move to the gold brick at the top.

Unity ML-Agents Pyramids

📹 Video:

Chapter 3: The Mayan Adventure

📜 Course:

👨‍đŸ’ģ you'll learn about curriculum learning, and you'll train our agent to attain the golden statue and beat the game.

Mayan Adventure Screenshot

📹 Video:

Syllabus (Work In Progress 🏗ī¸)

Chapter 3: Let's create our own environment

Chapter 4: Developing our own agent from scratch

Chapter 5: Constrained RL with Unity ML-Agents

Chapter 6: The tower challenge

Chapter 7: Multi agents

Chapter 8: Curriculum learning

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