Some recent projects

Smart Robot Demo

Smart Robot Demo [2021]

Built a robot AI with Unity that acts based on player input using a deep language model to understand any text input and find the closest action of its list.

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Princess Hildeguarde demo

Princess Hildeguarde Demo [2021]

Built a demo with Unity where you can have a live conversation with NPC. The AI answers using OpenAI gpt3 and is voiced by Replica.

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German Shepard

Civilians Annecdotes Demo [2021]

Built a demo where two NPC have a conversation generated by GPT-J and voiced by ReplicaAI.

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German Shepard

German Shepard Demo [2021]

Dog AI powered by a deep language model that helps it understand any human order and find the closest action of its list.

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Ship Jam!

Ship Jam! [2021]

Ahoy young pirate 🏴‍☠🦜! Will you be able to beat our pAIrate? This game was made during International Summer School on AI and Games 3rd Edition (05. - 09.07.2021). This AI was trained with Deep Reinforcement Learning, using the Unity ML-Agents toolkit!

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Battle Tanks!

Battle Tanks! [2021]

Battle Tanks! is a game based on Tanks! by Unity, where you need to destroy your smart AI opponent. The AI is made using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Unity ML-Agents.

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Deep Reinforcement Learning Course

Deep Reinforcement Learning Course v2.0🕹️ [2018 - 2021]

[NEW VERSION IN PROGRESS] A free course about Deep Reinforcement Learning, where we'll learn the main algorithms, and how to implement them with Tensorflow and PyTorch.

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The Mayan Adventure

The Mayan Adventure [2020]

The Mayan Adventure is an open-source reinforcement learning environment for Unity ML-Agents. In this environment, you train your agent (Indie) to find the golden statue in this dangerous environment full of traps.

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CatDCGAN 🐱‍💻 [2018]

An open source AI that generates pictures of cats 🐱‍💻.

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My recent talks

Rework 19

RE-WORK Deep Learning Summit 2019: Curiosity Driven Learning

Curiosity Driven Learning is one of the most exciting and promising strategy in deep reinforcement learning: we create agents that are able to produce rewards and learn from them. In this workshop, you’ll learn what is curiosity, how it works, and understand the process of how an agent generates this intrinsic reward using a trained agent in a video game environment. By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to understand how curiosity driven learning agents work and the main elements needed to implement them.

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Rework simonini thomas

RE-WORK Deep Learning Summit 2019: Interview

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